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Am I fucking hot?

001 Name: Aimee Voisine-Comparato
002 Location: Rockland, Maine
003 Zodiac Sign: Libra, the romantic =)
004 Age: 22
005 Where did you find out about this community? A promo in _themeangirls community.
006 Dating Status: ALMOST engaged...I'm with an amazing guy name Giuseppe...and we are having a baby in February!!!!!!
007 Hobbies: art, photography, cooking, being in love, writing, scrapbooking, dancing,
008 What is one major goal in your life? Actually...I want to become a fashion photographer...the person who shoots the ads for like, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton...etc. I think the photography used in fashion advertising is amazingly stunning and truley artistic.
009 Make us laugh...
010 What is your dream car? a silver Venturi...=)
011 Are you a conservative, liberal or other? Liberal...I don't believe in the way conservative all. I like to be able to be free. Think the way I want, dress the way I the way I want. Without everyone being down my throat about it.
012 Where did you promote f_ckinghot to? (Promote to atleast 2 users or communities preferably using the promotion stamps in the userinfo) by the way, extra promotion helps:

2. (she has to unscreen this, you MIGHT not be able to see it yet...)


013 Top 5 favorite bands/musicians:
-Sigur Ros
-The Faint
014 Top 5 favorite movies:
-Donnie Darko
-Mean Girls
-A Clockwork Orange
-Ghost World
-The Butterfly Effect
015 Favorite quote: "I think I have ESPN or something, my breast can always tell when it's gonna rain....well, they can tell when it's raining" -Karen Smith from Mean Girls...
016 Favorite lyric: all the lyrics in "Yellow" by Coldplay, me and my boyfriend sing this song to each other all the time.
017 Favorite color: pink
018 Favorite TV show: Degrassi: TNG
020 Favorite food: Italian food
021 Favorite sport: Lacrosse
022 Favorite article of clothing (Post pictures if you can):
I loooooove these jackets: (sorry it's such a big picture...)

<023 Favorite song to sing at karoake night: "I will survive", just I mean EVERYONE...knows those lyrics, so it's easy with a group of drunk people to sing this...haha.

>Reality television: Some of it's okay...I mean I love The Real World, and Road Rules, and Big Brother...and this one from France called Loft Story. BUT...all The Swan kind of freaks me out. Why would anyone want to go on national TV to show them going through all that disgusting horrible plastic surgery...and they end up looking NOTHING like they did all. I mean their husbands fell in love with who they were before, why did they have to change everything soooo drastically? I don't understand it.
>Lisa Marie Presley: I don't really have any comments about her. I don't hate her...but I don't have any reason really to like her. I feel bad that she was involved with Michael Jackson though, the poor woman.
>Britney Spears: Is this guy she is "getting married" to really going to last? I mean that last guy only lasted like a day...I hope this one actually works out, and that she's not going to turn into another J.Lo.
>George W. Bush: errrrr. I could go on for hours with all the things that irritate me about him...but I'll save it for another time. I don't want to completely bore you. I just HATTTTTTTE him with a passion. One of my cousins died over in Iraq just recently, and for what? NOTHING. OIL. Thats what. Fucking OIL.
>Paparazzi: Man...if I was a celebrity, I would fucking punch the paparazzi in the face...following me everywhere I go. You never get any privac, in your own home. You don't know if they are just looking into your windows when your showering. and it's all for money.
>The Sims: I fucking love the game. I was obsessed with it for awhile.
>Bill O'Reilly: umm...sorry, but I have no idea who he is.

thing else you wanna add? Not so much.

, post your three (or more) pictures

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